Shuki Kato's Wolf - leg step 107

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Shuki Kato's Wolf - leg step 107

Post by Andreas_M »

Hi there,
I am new to this forum but do fold regularily for 4 years.
So far, the forum greatly helped in sorting out problems with certain steps in other models but this one I could not find:
I have troubles folding the closed sink in step 107 of Shuki Kato's wolf from his Nature Study book. I am not fully sure if all layers are correct and this just follows from something I did wrong earlier on. However, I am not able to perform the sink without messing up the paw or the paper coming in from the head/ shoulder.
Does anyone of you can give me a hint?
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Re: Shuki Kato's Wolf - leg step 107

Post by ColinReady »

Hi Andreas,

This step does require the paw end to be adjusted. If you look at the next step you can see where the long line of the mountain fold comes in at the front of the leg but does not continue straight all the way to the bottom of the paw.
Just to add, I used a large square of greaseproof paper (45cm) for a test fold and that worked nicely.
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