Origami Papers

Patterned papers for printing

I always have a hard time trying to find paper with interesting patterns on it. Here are a collection of patterned papers that you can print out for your projects. Each pattern measures 6 inches square, and is available as a PDF document. Please note that you may not use these papers for commercial purposes (in compliance with the designers terms).

Download Origami Papers Volume 1

Download the original Origami Papers collection, featuring 24 different designs by Farouk Mechadal, Tomaki, Aleph Ozuas, Chris May, Joseph Cook, Andre Hoogendam, Job Kooi, Berat, Travis Beckham, Joaquin Crocatto, Sugar Junky, Grand K, Patrick Simons Patrick Hennessey, Morgan K, Alan Hettinger, Claudia, Rares Dragan, Natsuki-Lynn, Justin Skattum and Ian Warner.

Origami Papers Volume 1 (1MB)
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