This is the accessibility statement for, the personal website of Sajid Nawaz Khan. The site adopts a fully responsive design to allow a greater level of accessibility across a variety of devices and resolutions. This means that content is easily obtainable and viewable in the majority of browsers, although I recommend a standard compliant browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

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Access Keys

The site uses access keys for the main points of navigation. The assigned access keys are those recommended by the British government. The table below outlines the main access keys used throughout the site.

Access key Shortcuts
Key Page
0 Accessibility Statement
1 Home
2 Journal
3 Sitemap
4 Search
9 Contact Me
S Skip Navigation

On Windows, you can press Alt + an access key; on a Macintosh, you can press Control + Alt + an access key.

Acronym & Abbreviations

Acronyms and abbreviations are defined the first time they are used on a page. They're never defined a second time on a page.


All images have descriptive alternative text specified, with the exception of images used for decorative purposes. All images are optimised for the web.

Most, if not all links have title attributes which describe the link in greater detail. A title attribute is not given if the link appears to be in context and describes its purpose.

All pages make use of access keys, as discussed above. Skip navigation links are provided for the benefit of users who are using on screen readers.


All pages (with the exception of the Guestbook) are optimised for print. The Printer friendly pages will not print the background images, and will limit use of colour inks. The navigation and side bar do not print.

Standards Compliance

The entire site is fully HTML5 and CSS3 compliant. The code is fully structured, and should render the same in the majority of browsers. Some pages use Flash technology (like the Guestbook), and I am working on a alternative text version.

Visual Design

The site uses CSS for positioning and styling its content. If your browser does not support CSS, you will still be able to fully access all the resources as usual. I would like to hope that the design is uncluttered, and easy on the eye.

Origami Forum

The Origami Forum currently has 9,731 registered users, who have contributed 135,454 posts over 10,245 threads. We welcome our newest member, fastpharmauk.

New & Refreshed

This is the 8th incarnation of my personal website. I've had a web presence since developing my very first website in 2000. Learn more about the site on the: