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R. Kelly found guilty in sex trafficking trial · Monday 27th September at 22:16
After decades of allegations, the singer was found guilty of running a scheme to abuse women and children.

Covid-19: President Joe Biden receives Pfizer booster jab · Monday 27th September at 20:42
The US President and other Americans over 65 are now eligible for a third jab of the Pfizer vaccine.

Germany election: Coalition talks begin after close election · Monday 27th September at 20:36
The election is over but months of talks are just getting started to see who will be chancellor.

Australia: Footage captures car careering across eight lanes · Monday 27th September at 18:39
A woman and child were injured, but Australian police say it's "incredibly lucky" others weren't hurt.

South Korea's president mulls dog meat ban as consumption dwindles · Monday 27th September at 17:44
An estimated one million dogs are slaughtered in South Korea for human consumption each year.

Beirut port explosion investigation suspended for second time · Monday 27th September at 17:36
Families of the victims of the catastrophe react angrily after the investigating judge is taken off.

Afghanistan: Social media users delete profiles over fear of attack · Monday 27th September at 17:34
Prominent online critics of the Islamist group in Afghanistan remove content over fear of attack.

Man killed as Crete struck by 5.8-magnitude earthquake · Monday 27th September at 17:26
Officials say the man died when a church dome collapsed on the southern Greek island.

Instagram for kids paused after backlash · Monday 27th September at 16:44
Facebook delays its child-friendly Instagram version to do more work with concerned parents.

Instagram for kids paused after backlash · Monday 27th September at 16:44
Facebook delays its child-friendly Instagram version to do more work with concerned parents.

German election: Seven things we learned · Monday 27th September at 13:06
Seats, Schleswig and an ex-spy: here are some of the sidelights from Sunday's vote.

Mr Goxx, the crypto-trading hamster beating human investors · Monday 27th September at 12:52
Can a hamster trading cryptocurrency beat human investors in the stock market? Mr Goxx can.

Fire, smoke and colour as Ethiopians mark Meskel · Monday 27th September at 12:49
Worshippers gathered to mark the eve of one of the country's biggest Orthodox Christian festivals.

Papers gripped by Germany's era of uncertainty · Monday 27th September at 12:40
Newspapers across Europe are watching the knife-edge results in Germany with a high degree of concern for the country's - and continent's - future course.

Power cuts hit homes in north-east China · Monday 27th September at 11:27
An electricity shortage affecting factories has now spread to some homes.

Hakuho: Sumo wrestling's greatest champion retires · Monday 27th September at 10:52
Hakuho has recorded more wins, titles and perfect championships than any other sumo wrestler.

German elections 2021: 'Bazooka man' Olaf Scholz bidding for chancellor · Monday 27th September at 07:21
The centre-left leader looks to succeed Angela Merkel after preliminary results put him ahead.

Swipe left or right? Germany's election dating game, explained · Monday 27th September at 07:07
The leaders of the two biggest parties are now in a race to find partners to join a coalition.

German elections usher in political change with a small 'c' · Monday 27th September at 06:03
While voting patterns are changing, none of the front-running parties can be described as radical.

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Why are hundreds of aid trucks stranded? · Monday 27th September at 01:08
The UN says hundreds of trucks have not returned from Tigray and it's affecting the flow of aid.

India's misunderstood maharajahs · Monday 27th September at 01:07
Indian princes were often stereotyped as lazy hedonists, but they were serious political figures.

Dalai Lama backs bid to save Edinburgh cafĂ© he inspired · Monday 27th September at 01:07
Reka Gawa opened the Himalaya Café after a chance meeting with the spiritual leader almost 20 years ago.

Xianzi: The #MeToo icon China is trying to silence · Monday 27th September at 01:03
A court has thrown out a high-profile sexual harassment case. Can China's feminist movement survive?

In rural Afghanistan, a family welcomes Taliban rule · Monday 27th September at 00:55
The BBC's Jeremy Bowen travels to Helmand province, a month after the hardline Islamists took control.

How climate change is making inequality worse, especially for children · Monday 27th September at 00:13
Children will face up to three times as many extreme climate events as their grandparents, research suggests.

Interviewing the Taliban: 'Still now I am terrified' · Monday 27th September at 00:08
Afghan news anchor Behishta Arghand made history when she interviewed the Taliban.

German election: Green Party speaks of 'fantastic campaign' · Sunday 26th September at 19:19
Annalena Baerbock said the numbers were "fantastic" for the Green Party in Germany's election.

German election: CDU leader 'not happy' with exit poll result · Sunday 26th September at 18:37
Armin Laschet thanks Angela Merkel for her service as chancellor - but says he is not happy with the election result so far.

Angela Merkel: A career in pictures · Friday 24th September at 16:56
As Angela Merkel steps down as German chancellor, we take a look back at the photos documenting her career.

Facebook Files: 5 things leaked documents reveal · Friday 24th September at 16:03
Leaked documents appear to present a new problem for Facebook - employee discontent.

The self-sustaining house on wheels and other news · Friday 24th September at 14:35
BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.

China declares all crypto-currency transactions illegal · Friday 24th September at 12:30
Trading Bitcoin and other crypto-currenices is a criminal activity, China's central bank says.

Chris Pratt, Jack Black to star in new Super Mario Bros movie · Friday 24th September at 09:51
Chris Pratt will be playing Mario with Charlie Day as his sibling Luigi.

Spying concerns fuel the market for more secure tech · Friday 24th September at 00:03
Revelations about spyware have spurred interest in more secure phones and software.

Apple bans Fortnite from App Store during Epic Games legal battle · Thursday 23rd September at 16:37
The game won't be available on iPhones or other Apple devices until its legal battle with Epic Games ends.

AI cannot be the inventor of a patent, appeals court rules · Thursday 23rd September at 15:47
"Only a person can have rights. A machine cannot," one of the judges wrote.

EU rules to force USB-C chargers for all phones · Thursday 23rd September at 12:57
Manufacturers could be forced to change devices to a uniform charging system.

Apple threatened Facebook ban over slavery posts on Instagram · Thursday 23rd September at 12:26
The media giant warned it would take Facebook products out of its App Store.

Extremists using video-game chats to spread hate · Thursday 23rd September at 00:02
Campaigners say including extremist narratives among everyday conversations can be a pathway to radicalisation.

Lithuania urges people to throw away Chinese phones · Wednesday 22nd September at 16:41
The country's National Cyber Security Centre found security risks in both Xiaomi and Huawei models.

Vauxhall Motors plans Luton job losses amid chip crisis · Wednesday 22nd September at 14:42
The Unite union says it will "do everything in our power to mitigate or prevent" job losses.

How 'nerd' culture powered through the pandemic · Tuesday 21st September at 00:02
Meet the online content creators beating the odds to build successful careers from their passions.

Can apps manage our chronic health conditions? · Monday 20th September at 00:01
A Swedish tech firm has created an app to help alleviate people's joint pain.

Should schools retain online parents' evenings? · Sunday 19th September at 01:36
Parents and teachers seem to agree it is the number one innovation worth keeping post-lockdown.

The AI body scanner detecting skin cancer and other news · Friday 17th September at 15:32
BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at the best tech news stories of the week.

The big problem of building waste and how to tackle it · Thursday 16th September at 23:56
How better technology and regulation could cut the waste generated by the construction industry.

Sir Clive Sinclair: Tireless inventor ahead of his time · Thursday 16th September at 20:30
The prolific innovator invented the pocket calculator and the ill-fated Sinclair C5 electric car.

Why Iceland’s volcanoes may aid future Mars exploration · Tuesday 14th September at 13:10
Scientists are using the country to test drone tech that could one day explore the planet's terrain.

Why even giant ships can't solve the shipping crisis · Tuesday 14th September at 00:01
A shortage of vessels is hampering global trade and may lead to empty shelves before Christmas.

The world's most powerful magnetic field and other news · Monday 13th September at 15:49
BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

Jesse Lingard takes control of a Rainbow Six Siege esports team · Monday 13th September at 01:04
The footballer believes his experiences on the pitch will translate to the online world.

Is this the era of a more shopping focused social media? · Wednesday 8th September at 17:40
Virtual retail is changing and becoming more embedded in our day to day online activities.

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