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Australia bushfires: Fresh warnings in Queensland and New South Wales · Wednesday 13th November at 06:38
Huge blazes continue to rage in two drought-hit states, amid warnings of a dangerous summer.

Hong Kong faces more protests after clashes at university · Wednesday 13th November at 06:19
In the city's financial district lunchtime crowds chanted slogans and a Chinese bank was attacked.

In pictures: Clashes in Chile amid national strike · Wednesday 13th November at 05:12
Protests against inequality continue, with a strike bringing much of the country to a standstill.

A Taliban escapee, an English baby - and the dramatic story that followed · Wednesday 13th November at 04:38
When a refugee bumped into a baby, a tale of death threats, hijack and escape emerged.

Australia bushfires: Pregnant firefighter defends decision to fight fires · Wednesday 13th November at 04:22
Fourteen weeks pregnant, Kat Robinson-Williams says she must help while Australia is "in flames".

Bolivia crisis: Jeanine Áñez declares herself interim president · Wednesday 13th November at 03:05
Jeanine Áñez is condemned by ex-leader Evo Morales who says it is the "sneakiest" coup in history.

Arctic blast: US temperatures plummet to record lows · Wednesday 13th November at 02:23
Several places experience record-breaking low temperatures as an Arctic air mass hits the country.

Polio in Nigeria: 'I opposed vaccinations until my son caught polio' · Wednesday 13th November at 01:51
A Nigerian father who used to chase health workers away from his home has a change of heart.

Modest fashion: 'I feel confident and comfortable' · Wednesday 13th November at 01:49
Fashion bloggers are covering up and sales of modest clothes are up in high street stores.

In pictures: Inside Iran's secretive Yarsan faith · Wednesday 13th November at 01:38
Yarsan is of one of the Middle East's oldest faiths and has more than one million followers in Iran.

Aeroflot: 'Fat cat smuggler' falls foul of Russian airline · Wednesday 13th November at 01:13
Mikhail Galin is stripped of his air miles after sneaking his overweight cat on an Aeroflot flight.

Adobe readies for the age of smart glasses and deepfakes · Wednesday 13th November at 00:49
Richard Taylor looks at what is new at the LA Adobe MAX Creative Conference for BBC Click.

Xinjiang cotton sparks concern over 'forced labour' claims · Wednesday 13th November at 00:39
Rights groups claim Xinjiang products made using forced labour may be sold to Western brands.

Le Mans '66: Christian Bale and Matt Damon reveal truth behind Hollywood auditions · Wednesday 13th November at 00:20
Christian Bale and Matt Damon on fighting for roles, as they team up in new movie Le Mans '66.

Cardinal Pell granted final bid to challenge sexual abuse verdict · Wednesday 13th November at 00:13
The ex-Vatican treasurer is given a final chance to challenge his sexual abuse convictions in Australia.

Philippines: The boy diving for plastic · Wednesday 13th November at 00:13
Ranniel dives into one of Manila's most polluted rivers for less than two dollars a day.

Libya: Migrant mother's dying wish to get children to Europe · Wednesday 13th November at 00:00
The BBC's Orla Guerin meets a family waiting to cross to Europe from Libya with orphaned children whose mother died on the way.

Hillary Clinton 'under enormous pressure' to run in 2020 · Tuesday 12th November at 23:46
The former Democratic nominee refuses to rule it out, telling the BBC: "Never say never."

Student poverty: French march in protest after suicide bid · Tuesday 12th November at 23:28
A student who set himself on fire on Friday blamed his severe financial difficulties on government.

Hundreds of meteor sightings reported · Tuesday 12th November at 21:16
The American Meteor Society said it received more than 120 reports of a meteor sighting.

Israel-Gaza violence: Rockets and air strikes follow militant death · Tuesday 12th November at 20:44
Violence has escalated after Israel killed a top Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant in an air strike.

General election 2019: Labour Party hit by second cyber-attack · Tuesday 12th November at 17:15
The party says the first DDoS attack against it failed and it has "ongoing security processes in place".

Disney+ hit by technical glitches on launch day · Tuesday 12th November at 15:40
Disney's new streaming service is reported to be down by many users as its global launch unfolds.

Tinder seeks to tackle trans harassment · Tuesday 12th November at 15:35
The app is making changes so transgender users experience less harassment as they use the program.

Branson apologises for South Africa launch tweet · Tuesday 12th November at 13:52
Sir Richard Branson apologises after his tweet is criticised for showing "so many white people".

Sonic movie: New trailer shows redesigned hedgehog after fan backlash · Tuesday 12th November at 13:12
A new trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie has been released after fans hated original design.

Slow websites to be labelled by Chrome browser · Tuesday 12th November at 12:10
Users could get warnings about web pages that are poorly designed and take time to show up.

Project Nightingale: Google accesses trove of US patient data · Tuesday 12th November at 12:02
The tech giant has struck a deal with huge US health firm Ascension, giving it access to the records.

'I woke up to thousands of messages from Malaysia' · Tuesday 12th November at 10:55
Why a Malaysian exam question thrust the spotlight on London-based paraglider Laura Melissa Williams.

'I woke up to thousands of messages from Malaysia' · Tuesday 12th November at 10:55
Why a Malaysian exam question thrust the spotlight on London-based paraglider Laura Melissa Williams.

The fake video where Johnson and Corbyn endorse each other · Tuesday 12th November at 08:05
A "deepfake" video has been made where the PM and Labour leader endorse one another in the election.

Brexit 'puts brakes on UK launch of e-scooters' · Tuesday 12th November at 06:55
Voi Technology says the UK could be left behind by not changing regulations to allow electric scooters.

Australia bushfires: 'We owe you milk' say firefighters who saved man's house · Tuesday 12th November at 05:00
They saved a New South Wales home - then apologised to the owner for taking his milk.

Poland reacts angrily to Netflix Nazi death camp documentary · Tuesday 12th November at 03:41
The prime minister asks Netflix to make changes to a map shown in The Devil Next Door.

Philippines drug war: Do we know how many have died? · Tuesday 12th November at 02:58
With a new person taking over anti-drug operations, what's been the extent of the killings in the Philippines?

'I was detained for speaking Spanish in the US' · Tuesday 12th November at 01:35
Ana Suda and a friend were stopped by police in Montana for speaking the language.

Sweden's 100 explosions this year: What's going on? · Tuesday 12th November at 01:10
Swedish police are dealing with unprecedented levels of attacks, in city centres and suburbs.

Is China gaining an edge in artificial intelligence? · Tuesday 12th November at 00:02
The US-China over artificial intelligence is heating up, but some warn the US could be over-reacting.

Instagram is trialling removing likes on some US posts · Monday 11th November at 23:57
The social media platform is removing visible 'likes' for some users, after trials in seven countries.

The 'indestructible' robots which do backflips · Monday 11th November at 23:03
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a video of nine four-legged robots hopping around the campus.

Apple throws Instagram 'stalker' app off store · Monday 11th November at 20:57
Like Patrol had offered users a way to see which posts their "friends liked" and whom they followed.

Instagram influencer behind 'bullying' anonymous account · Monday 11th November at 14:10
Clemmie Hooper apologises for using a different social-media platform to criticise fellow influencers.

Hong Kong protester's shooting by policeman livestreamed on Facebook · Monday 11th November at 09:56
A Hong Kong news outlet livestreamed the moment a policeman shot a protester during a demonstration.

Durwood Zaelke: How changes to air conditioning will fight global warming · Monday 11th November at 00:08
The man behind a key amendment to a major climate treaty thinks that he has a way to cool the Earth.

Want to run faster? Improve your algorithm · Sunday 10th November at 00:44
Why better information about your gait could help runners hit a new personal best.

Urchinbot could help ocean clean-up and other tech news · Saturday 9th November at 09:54
BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

What do you need to do to become a YouTube star? · Saturday 9th November at 09:18
Two Sunday League footballers and rising internet stars find out from YouTube royalty.

Twitter in India: Why was rival Mastodon trending? · Friday 8th November at 10:43
It comes amid criticism of what some say is Twitter's "highly inconsistent" stand on hate speech.

Death Stranding: A game you might hate and love · Friday 8th November at 08:18
The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus stars in the latest release from game designer Hideo Kojima.

Bye box: How streaming could kill the games console · Friday 8th November at 00:16
Streaming games services will offer an alternative to the traditional console, but will they kill off?

TikTok: Should we trust the Chinese social-media video app? · Thursday 7th November at 12:28
US lawmakers are worried about TikTok's Chinese ownership, despite its data-protection assurances.

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