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Indonesia volcano: Volcano rescuers face ash as high as rooftops · Sunday 5th December at 13:29
At least 14 people are dead and dozens injured after Mt Semeru erupted on Indonesia's Java island.

Pope condemns treatment of migrants in Europe · Sunday 5th December at 13:13
Visiting a camp in Greece, Francis calls the neglect of migrants the "shipwreck of civilisation".

Afghanistan: Taliban warned against targeting former security forces · Sunday 5th December at 12:08
US and allies "deeply concerned" about human rights abuses against former Afghan security forces.

India Nagaland: Security forces kill 13 civilians amid ambush blunder · Sunday 5th December at 08:38
Home Minister Amit Shah expresses "anguish" after troops fire on miners in the country's north-east.

Pacific Ocean garbage patch is immense plastic habitat · Sunday 5th December at 00:56
Researchers discover coastal species living on debris miles from their natural surroundings.

Why France faces so much anger in West Africa · Sunday 5th December at 00:50
Despite engaging better with the African continent recently, the ex-colonial power faces a backlash.

Mandatory vaccinations: Three reasons for and against · Sunday 5th December at 00:48
Blanket vaccination mandates are on the agenda but do they work and what are their costs?

Biden and Putin to talk amid Ukraine invasion fears · Sunday 5th December at 00:36
On Tuesday the US and Russian leaders will speak amid mounting concerns of Russia invading Ukraine.

Chris Cuomo: CNN fires presenter over help he gave politician brother · Sunday 5th December at 00:26
The star TV host is sacked over efforts to help his brother defend himself against sexual harassment claims.

South Africa: The rape survivor who convicts rapists · Sunday 5th December at 00:11
Rape survivor Sgt Catherine Tladi has secured several convictions for rape in South Africa's courts.

Why Ugandan troops have entered DR Congo - again · Saturday 4th December at 22:02
Previous incursions have led to accusations of looting and abuse, so will it be different this time?

Bus carrying choir members plunges into Kenya river · Saturday 4th December at 17:05
At least 23 die as a bus taking a church choir group to a wedding plunges into a flooded river.

Rare turtle washes up 4,000 miles from home · Saturday 4th December at 17:04
Tally the Turtle is recovering in a UK zoo awaiting a flight back to the warm waters of Mexico.

Michigan school shooting: Suspect's parents deny involuntary manslaughter · Saturday 4th December at 15:57
Bail is set at $1m for the couple arrested in Detroit after failing to attend court on Friday.

Belgian zoo hippos test positive for Covid · Saturday 4th December at 15:53
Officials at Antwerp zoo do not know how the pair - now in quarantine - caught the virus.

ICYMI: Jumping into an active volcano, and other ways to spend the festive season · Saturday 4th December at 11:39
Jumping into an active volcano is just one way to spend the festive season, in news you may have missed this week.

Eitan Biran: Cable car survivor returned to Italy after custody battle · Saturday 4th December at 10:47
Eitan Biran, the sole survivor of a cable car crash, is now in Italy after a custody battle.

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix: A race for equal rights · Saturday 4th December at 00:43
As F1 races in Saudi Arabia, can it be a positive thing for female and LGBT rights?

Parag Agrawal: Why Indian-born CEOs dominate Silicon Valley · Saturday 4th December at 00:32
Parag Agrawal, Twitter's new CEO, is the latest of several Indian-Americans leading global tech firms.

Parag Agrawal: Why Indian-born CEOs dominate Silicon Valley · Saturday 4th December at 00:32
Parag Agrawal, Twitter's new CEO, is the latest of several Indian-Americans leading global tech firms.

Ros Atkins on… America’s abortion divide · Saturday 4th December at 00:10
How abortion rights in the US look likely to be changed by a conservative majority Supreme Court.

MH370: Could missing Malaysian Airlines plane finally be found? · Friday 3rd December at 22:34
A British engineer believes he may help solve one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries.

Virtual yacht sells for $650,000 and other tech news · Friday 3rd December at 15:28
LJ Rich looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.

Uber to pay $9m in sex-assault report settlement · Friday 3rd December at 14:05
The ride-hailing firm has resolved a long-standing row with California officials over its records.

US challenges Nvidia takeover of chip designer Arm · Friday 3rd December at 12:55
Regulators in the UK and Europe are also investigating the proposed purchase of the chip designer.

US creditors can now DM debtors on social media · Friday 3rd December at 04:13
The new rule lets debt collectors text and direct message millions of Americans who default on loans.

The drought ravaging East African wildlife and livestock · Friday 3rd December at 00:31
At least 26 million people are struggling for food across northern Kenya, Somalia and southern Ethiopia.

NunTok: How religion is booming on TikTok and Instagram · Friday 3rd December at 00:03
Nuns, imams and Buddhist monks are among those sharing successful - and often fun - short-form videos on social media.

How to spot the software that could be spying on you · Friday 3rd December at 00:01
Software used to spy on someone via their phone is a growing threat and common in domestic abuse cases.

Virgin Media outage hits UK TV viewers · Thursday 2nd December at 21:30
The firm apologises after some customers are left with no access to TV services for more than 10 hours.

Ride hailing app Grab falls in $40bn market debut · Thursday 2nd December at 17:44
Shares start trading in ride-hailing firm Grab which has used a shell company for its flotation.

Jack Dorsey’s Square changes its name to Block · Thursday 2nd December at 13:58
Days after Jack Dorsey resigned as chief executive of Twitter, his other company is changing its name.

Government fined £500,000 for New Year honours data breach · Thursday 2nd December at 11:40
The addresses of more than 1,000 people, including Sir Elton John and Gabby Logan, were shared online.

Facebook uncovers Chinese network behind fake expert · Thursday 2nd December at 04:12
It deleted 500 accounts which amplified claims that the US was meddling in the Covid origins search.

Cryptocurrency executives to be questioned in Congress · Thursday 2nd December at 00:02
Washington is joining other governments in scrutinising the rapidly expanding sector more closely.

Why Mars-bound astronauts may go to Iceland first · Wednesday 1st December at 10:59
With a similar landscape to other worlds, it could aid research into extra-terrestrial missions.

Duolingo boss: 'Develop your social skills' · Wednesday 1st December at 00:07
Luis von Ahn, co-founder and CEO of language-learning app Duolingo, shares his business advice.

Why broken African phones are shipped to Europe · Tuesday 30th November at 00:22
A lack of recycling facilities in Africa has spurred one Dutch company to import broken phones.

‘I’m blind but technology helps me animate’ · Sunday 28th November at 00:04
Elodie Bateson, 11, from Limavady who is blind has become an expert at making short animated movies.

Bitcoin: What are crypto-currencies? · Saturday 27th November at 11:26
Fans of crypto-currencies say they are the future of money - but at what cost?

How do you turn off the internet? · Saturday 27th November at 11:25
How easy would it be for a government to block one of the biggest sources of news and information?

What are quantum computers and what are they used for? · Saturday 27th November at 11:24
Companies around the world are racing to create a new generation of computers.

What are algorithms and how do they work? · Saturday 27th November at 11:22
A huge amount of our lives is influenced by algorithms. Here's how they work.

What is artificial intelligence and why is it important? · Saturday 27th November at 11:22
Many recent big advances in tech have one key thing at the heart of then: artificial intelligence.

'World's fastest' all-electric plane and other tech news · Friday 26th November at 19:26
LJ Rich looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.

Can South Africa embrace renewable energy from the sun? · Tuesday 23rd November at 00:06
South Africa's main electricity company Eskom plans to switch from using coal to renewable energy.

The 99-year-old cyclist who has won a world silver medal · Monday 22nd November at 00:09
How a former World War Two pilot came second in a cycling competition for older people.

The small nuclear power plants billed as an energy fix · Friday 19th November at 02:20
A host of firms are developing mini nuclear reactors but questions remain over safety and costs.

The mums using Instagram to offer advice to new parents · Thursday 18th November at 00:05
Covid has led to an increase in parenting gurus using social media to support new mums and dads.

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