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George Floyd death: Ex-officer charged with murder in Minneapolis · Saturday 30th May at 01:54
An ex-police officer in Minneapolis is detained over the death of unarmed black man George Floyd.

Coronavirus: Bill Gates ‘microchip’ conspiracy theory and other vaccine claims fact-checked · Saturday 30th May at 00:37
Fact-checking vaccine claims - including ones about the ex-Microsoft boss and a dubious cow-dung trial.

90-year-old woman tries to help grandson during arrest · Saturday 30th May at 00:33
Bodycam footage shows a woman, dressed in a nightgown, seem to fall onto her grandson during the incident.

'Hackers burned my hand with computer virus' · Saturday 30th May at 00:15
Student's computer overheated after it was hit with a "crypto-jacking" attack.

'You can't ask people to die': Coronavirus woes deepen Argentina's crisis · Saturday 30th May at 00:14
A new deadline to restructure the country's debt is just days away.

Akinwumi Adesina: Why the US is targeting a flamboyant Nigerian banker · Saturday 30th May at 00:11
The US pushes for new inquiry into allegations of corruption against the African Development Bank boss.

Coronavirus: Belgian zoo comes back to life from lockdown · Saturday 30th May at 00:07
After two months without visitors, Pairi Daiza is welcoming the public back, but in smaller numbers.

China-India border: Why tensions are rising between the neighbours · Saturday 30th May at 00:02
Tensions in the Himalaya have the potential to escalate as they pursue their strategic goals.

What is it like being at school in South Korea? · Saturday 30th May at 00:00
Strict safety measures are in place, but more than 200 schools have been forced to close just days after they re-opened.

World's largest all-electric plane takes flight · Friday 29th May at 23:48
An historic day for the aviation industry as the world's largest all-electric plane takes flight.

Twitter hides Trump tweet for 'glorifying violence' · Friday 29th May at 23:45
For the first time, Twitter has hidden a tweet on the president's profile behind a warning.

Twitter hides Trump tweet for 'glorifying violence' · Friday 29th May at 23:45
For the first time, Twitter has hidden a tweet on the president's profile behind a warning.

Coronavirus: Trump terminates US relationship with WHO · Friday 29th May at 23:25
The president accuses the UN health agency of "failing" over its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

SpaceX launch: Nasa astronauts set for second try · Friday 29th May at 23:14
SpaceX will need to beat the weather to get Nasa astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken into orbit.

Trump targets China over Hong Kong security law · Friday 29th May at 22:59
Donald Trump says he will end Hong Kong's special status with the US over China's new security law.

George Floyd death: Why has a US city gone up in flames? · Friday 29th May at 22:19
Tensions in Minneapolis did not start with the death of George Floyd. They've been years in the making.

Coronavirus: Greece to open up in two weeks, but not to the UK · Friday 29th May at 22:02
Tourists from 29 countries will be able to visit Greece from 15 June, but not travellers from the UK.

George Floyd death: Ex-officer charged with murder and manslaughter · Friday 29th May at 21:44
Derek Chauvin, one of the officers seen kneeling on George Floyd's neck, has been charged with murder.

Minneapolis protests: CNN journalist arrested live on air · Friday 29th May at 19:56
Omar Jimenez and a camera crew were detained in Minneapolis during protests

Kylie Jenner: Forbes drops celebrity from billionaire list · Friday 29th May at 19:03
The magazine says the Kardashian family misled the press about the value of Jenner's makeup business.

Hong Kong: China fury amid global pressure over security law · Friday 29th May at 19:02
The UK and US condemn plans for a new security law at the UN Security Council, drawing Beijing's ire.

Coronavirus: How lockdown is being lifted across Europe · Friday 29th May at 18:18
As the UK alters its restrictions, how are other European countries reopening after lockdown?

Harvey Weinstein: Four more women accuse producer of assault · Friday 29th May at 16:53
The disgraced movie producer is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence for rape.

PlayStation 5: Sony confident coronavirus won't change release plans · Friday 29th May at 16:00
The CEO of PlayStation reveals how it's responded to coronavirus as it prepares to release the PS5.

Ethiopian army ‘shot man dead because phone rang’ - Amnesty · Friday 29th May at 15:28
It was one of several incidents in a crackdown in Oromia in 2019, Amnesty International says.

Glastonbury Council plays down link to 'anti-5G' device · Friday 29th May at 14:32
Glastonbury report insists recommendation of 5GBioShield came from committee member - not council.

BBC orders review of social media use by staff · Friday 29th May at 13:02
The former director of global news at the BBC will examine online posts from programmes and staff.

'Cannabis burned during worship' by ancient Israelites - study · Friday 29th May at 12:42
Cannabis residues have been found on an altar in an ancient desert temple in Israel.

Thousands of TalkTalk users hit by internet problems · Friday 29th May at 11:57
Firm says the issue is now resolved after customers across the UK reported connection difficulties.

Facebook dominates cases of recorded social media grooming · Friday 29th May at 11:07
About 55% of the online offences logged by police in England and Wales were on a Facebook-owned app.

Trump signs executive order targeting Twitter after fact-checking row · Friday 29th May at 10:18
The US president's move follows a decision by Twitter to add a "fact-check" notice to his tweets.

A Raspberry Pi robot with emotions and other tech news · Friday 29th May at 07:36
BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at some of the best of the week's technology news stories.

The coronavirus conundrum when your mouth is your ‘hand’ · Friday 29th May at 00:33
The coronavirus pandemic becomes a different kind of challenge when you use your mouth as your ‘hands’.

Coronavirus: How Turkey took control of Covid-19 emergency · Friday 29th May at 00:23
Even without imposing a total lockdown, Turkey seems to have handled the outbreak well.

The little lights now packing a deadly punch · Friday 29th May at 00:14
LEDs already light our houses but developments are making them even more powerful.

Coronavirus: 'I built a memorial to my grandfather on Animal Crossing' · Friday 29th May at 00:01
One young woman used popular game Animal Crossing for her family tradition of Bai San.

Coronavirus: 'I built a memorial to my grandfather on Animal Crossing' · Friday 29th May at 00:01
One young woman used popular game Animal Crossing for her family tradition of Bai San.

Coronavirus: How will contact tracing work in England? · Thursday 28th May at 15:00
Millions in the UK will soon be asked to monitor who they have been near to combat coronavirus.

Coronavirus: France set to roll out contact-tracing app before UK · Thursday 28th May at 13:39
One minister has compared the UK and France's outlier approaches to their nuclear deterrent effort.

Twitter fact-checks China amid bias row · Thursday 28th May at 13:13
After fact-checking President Trump, Twitter adds warnings to Chinese tweets too.

Uber destroys thousands of bikes and scooters · Thursday 28th May at 11:41
Videos of the red bikes being crushed were shared online after Uber sold its Jump business to Lime.

Keeping fit in lockdown: Apps and sites which could help · Thursday 28th May at 00:53
Kate Russell looks at the online tools and guides helping motivate you to take exercise.

Coronavirus: How the advertising industry is changing · Thursday 28th May at 00:17
A large decline in advertising expenditure is hurting the sector, plus TV channels and newspapers.

Virus racism: 'I was so scared I bought a gun' · Wednesday 27th May at 20:57
Covid-inspired attacks on East Asian people in the US reveal uncomfortable truths about American identity.

Drone drops off Isle of Mull coronavirus masks · Wednesday 27th May at 14:43
Trials of delivery by drone are taking place on the Isle of Mull on Scotland's west coast.

Coronavirus: Lebanon's woes worsen as country pushed to the brink · Wednesday 27th May at 05:16
Country was already rocked by unrest over the cost of living - then came coronavirus.

Huawei: What would happen if the UK ditched the Chinese firm? · Tuesday 26th May at 00:01
Officials are taking another look into Huawei, but the Chinese firm warns against a 5G ban.

Coronavirus: Hairdressers offer virtual appointments in lockdown · Monday 25th May at 16:20
Salons are giving advice via video chat apps to help people style and colour their hair at home.

Could coronavirus kickstart more accessible tech? · Monday 25th May at 07:31
Video calling has risen during the pandemic but for some disabled people it also brought challenges.

How Coronavirus lockdown made a 'Zoom boom' generation · Monday 25th May at 00:25
Digital transformation has advanced two years in just two months, says Microsoft.

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