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The Italian film which beat Barbie at the box office · Thursday 25th April at 00:05
Director Paola Cortellesi on the cry for change in Italy's chart-topping There's Still Tomorrow.

Meta shares sink after it reveals spending plans · Wednesday 24th April at 23:35
The firm said expenses would be higher this year as it spends heavily on artificial intelligence.

How fraudsters are getting fake articles onto Facebook · Wednesday 24th April at 23:08
Scammers are able to get past automated checks on the social media giant to try to defraud users.

How fraudsters are getting fake articles onto Facebook · Wednesday 24th April at 23:08
Scammers are able to get past automated checks on the social media giant to try to defraud users.

US TikTok ban would be 'devastating', UK firms warn · Wednesday 24th April at 23:05
UK businesses using TikTok say they could see a significant drop in sales if the app is banned in the US.

US secretly sends long-range missiles to Ukraine · Wednesday 24th April at 23:02
Missiles delivered this month have been used to strike Russian targets in Crimea, US media say.

Arizona House votes to overturn abortion ban · Wednesday 24th April at 22:20
It was the third attempt to take up repealing the near-total ban, which was recently resurrected by a state court.

House speaker heckled by protesters in campus visit · Wednesday 24th April at 22:03
While the Speaker visited Columbia, police confronted Pro-Palestinian protesters at campuses in Texas and California.

Searching for missing loved ones in Gaza’s mass graves · Wednesday 24th April at 19:36
In this war, it is a huge challenge to find out how people whose bodies were exhumed at Nasser hospital died.

Spain's PM halts public duties as wife faces inquiry · Wednesday 24th April at 19:32
Pedro Sánchez says he will "stop and reflect" on whether to remain in the job.

'Business as usual' for Channel crossings despite migrant deaths · Wednesday 24th April at 18:02
Prospective migrants trying to reach the UK from France say smuggling operations are continuing after Tuesday's tragedy.

Slovak ministers agree to replace public broadcaster · Wednesday 24th April at 17:06
The proposal by Robert Fico's populist-nationalist government has raised fears for independent media.

TikTok vows to fight 'unconstitutional' US ban · Wednesday 24th April at 17:01
The app faces being banned or sold in the US because of national security concerns.

Iranian rapper sentenced to death, says lawyer · Wednesday 24th April at 16:47
Musician Toomaj Salehi had backed anti-government nationwide protests in 2022.

Megan Thee Stallion sued over 'hostile' workplace · Wednesday 24th April at 16:22
The Savage rapper denies "salacious" claims she had sex beside an "embarrassed" cameraman in Ibiza.

'Lost' Gustav Klimt painting sells for €30m · Wednesday 24th April at 15:50
Mystery surrounds the unfinished Portrait of Fraulein Lieser, which was believed lost for 100 years.

Tents appear in Gaza as Israel prepares Rafah offensive · Wednesday 24th April at 15:27
Two newly-built encampments near the southern city are shown on satellite pictures.

Floods cause widespread devastation in Kenya · Wednesday 24th April at 14:20
The UN says that at least 32 people have died and more than 40,000 have been forced from their homes.

Argentina seeks arrest of Iranian minister over bombing · Wednesday 24th April at 11:34
The call for his arrest comes after an Argentine court blamed Iran for an attack on a Jewish centre.

Inside Columbia's campus as students protest · Wednesday 24th April at 11:11
Hundreds of students have been camping on the university lawn, sparking a nationwide wave of campus protests.

Top Russian defence official accused of taking bribes · Wednesday 24th April at 10:54
Deputy Defence Minister Timur Ivanov is remanded in custody in a rare case against a high-ranking official.

Orange Sahara dust haze descends over Athens · Wednesday 24th April at 10:47
The Greek capital was covered in a haze of dust which has blown from the Sahara desert.

Tesla profits slump by more than a half · Wednesday 24th April at 09:27
The EV maker brings forward launch plans for new models as profits drop by more than half.

Russian oil facility burns after reported drone attack · Wednesday 24th April at 09:15
Ukrainian sources said the drones hit two facilities in the Smolensk region.

Seven teens arrested in Sydney counter-terror raids · Wednesday 24th April at 08:56
Police say they belong to the same network as the 16-year-old boy who allegedly attacked a church last week.

UK court case launched over mining project in Brazil · Wednesday 24th April at 05:00
Brazil Iron calls itself a sustainable mining company. Local residents call its project a disaster.

Armenians fear another war despite talk of peace · Wednesday 24th April at 03:44
Ethnic Armenians who lost their homes in Nagorno-Karabakh worry Azerbaijan plans another war.

How soon could US ban TikTok after Congress approved bill? · Wednesday 24th April at 01:52
TikTok is getting closer to being banned in the US, but its owner is likely to oppose the move.

'We need a miracle' - Israeli and Palestinian economies battered by war · Wednesday 24th April at 00:35
Six months of conflict have also taken a heavy economic toll.

Spotify turns up volume to make record profits · Tuesday 23rd April at 23:18
The music streaming service reports record profits of over €1bn (£860m) after laying off 1500 staff.

Gag orders and tabloid schemes at Trump trial · Tuesday 23rd April at 22:36
Day six of Donald Trump's hush-money trial in New York heard damaging testimony from a tabloid publisher.

The fate of Korea's 'first and biggest' sex festival · Tuesday 23rd April at 21:11
It was to feature events like a bondage fashion show. But then the authorities cracked down.

Tech Life: Humanoid robots · Tuesday 23rd April at 19:30
Are they really that practical and useful?

BBC witnesses boarding of boat which left five dead · Tuesday 23rd April at 12:25
The BBC's Andrew Harding, in France, witnesses people clambering aboard a small boat bound for the UK.

Arrests and anger at US university pro-Palestinian demos · Tuesday 23rd April at 10:21
Dozens of student protesters have been arrested at Columbia, Yale and New York University in recent days.

Australia PM calls Elon Musk an 'arrogant billionaire' · Tuesday 23rd April at 03:42
Anthony Albanese's comments come amid a feud over X's reluctance to remove footage of a stabbing.

How robots are taking over warehouse work · Tuesday 23rd April at 01:17
At Ocado's newest warehouse robotic arms are helping to pack customer orders.

Watch Ocado robots in action · Tuesday 23rd April at 01:15
Ocado has added robotic arms to its newest warehouse near Luton.

Three-year-olds groomed online, charity warns · Monday 22nd April at 23:03
IWF says many were likely filmed remotely while using phones or other handheld devices at home.

Dashcam video shows dramatic rescue from burning car · Monday 22nd April at 20:47
Drivers in Minnesota stopped in the middle of a highway to help pull a man out from a vehicle on fire.

EU may suspend money-for-views TikTok feature · Monday 22nd April at 19:37
The feature, which pays users to go on TikTok, could be temporarily suspended as early as Thursday.

Train cars catch fire while moving through Ontario · Monday 22nd April at 17:46
Local officials reported no injuries after five train cars were spotted ablaze heading towards a downtown area.

TV tower breaks in half after strike on Ukraine · Monday 22nd April at 16:58
The local military says that digital TV has been cut off in the surrounding area.

Baby born by emergency caesarean as mother killed in Gaza · Monday 22nd April at 13:16
The infant's entire immediate family died in Israeli air strikes on Rafah on Saturday night.

Grindr sued for allegedly revealing users' HIV status · Monday 22nd April at 11:02
The LGBTQ+ dating app is being sued in a class action lawsuit over allegedly misusing users' data.

Bridge collapses as floods hit China's south · Monday 22nd April at 05:56
The country’s south has been battered by heavy rainfall, with tens of thousands of people evacuated.

Tesla cuts prices in major markets as sales fall · Monday 22nd April at 03:08
The move comes after the firm reported a sharp fall in deliveries in the first three months of 2024.

Can touchless tech create 'equitable' gaming? · Sunday 21st April at 23:02
Click reporter Paul Carter has a go at playing Minecraft with his eyes.

How Chinese firms are using Mexico as a backdoor to the US · Sunday 21st April at 23:01
Chinese firms are racing to set up factories in Mexico to bypass US tariffs and sanctions.

Watch US House pass critical Ukraine aid package · Saturday 20th April at 18:19
The long-awaited vote comes as Kyiv faces a weapons shortage in its fight against Russia.

Moment huge explosion rocks Iraq military base · Saturday 20th April at 13:23
Local security officials said one person was killed and eight others wounded.

Can AI help solve Japan’s labour shortages? · Friday 19th April at 21:20
Japan is seeing if artificial intelligence can tackle its increasing shortfall of workers.

BBC reporter at Trump trial as man sets himself on fire · Friday 19th April at 18:37
The BBC's Nada Tawfik was outside the New York court where Donald Trump's trial is taking place.

Influential women's tech network shuts down unexpectedly · Friday 19th April at 15:56
Women Who Code, which had hundreds of thousands of members globally, has dissolved after a board vote.

Tesla recalls Cybertrucks over accelerator crash risk · Friday 19th April at 11:08
The electric car company, run by Elon Musk, is recalling thousands of what is its latest vehicle.

Netflix profits soar after password crackdown · Friday 19th April at 08:41
The streaming giant said it added 9.3 million subscribers in the first three months of the year.

Can TikTok's owner afford to lose its killer app? · Thursday 18th April at 23:13
Sell or be banned - TikTok's US operations, by some estimates, could fetch up to $100bn.

Almost a quarter of kids aged 5-7 have smartphones · Thursday 18th April at 23:11
The regulator calls the data a "wake up call", and says parents and industry need to do more.

Why a deluge of Chinese-made drugs is hard to curb · Thursday 18th April at 22:57
Thousands of Chinese companies are making synthetic opioids and shipping them around the world.

'AI helps me to make wine for younger drinkers' · Wednesday 17th April at 23:06
The winemakers using artificial intelligence to help them grow grapes and blend their wines.

Tesla pushes for $56bn pay deal for Elon Musk · Wednesday 17th April at 16:48
The deal, if approved by shareholders and judges, would be the largest in corporate America.

EU demands answers on money-for-views version of TikTok · Wednesday 17th April at 15:20
The platform has been given 24 hours to provide information about the potential risks of TikTok Lite.

Bye, robot: Atlas HD retires after 11 years of jumps, flips and falls · Wednesday 17th April at 15:09
Boston Dynamics' human-like Atlas robot is "retired" after 11 years.

Apple update addresses Jerusalem emoji controversy · Tuesday 16th April at 21:55
A new software update stops the Palestinian flag emoji appearing when iPhone users type "Jerusalem".

Tech Life: Fixing undersea cables · Tuesday 16th April at 19:30
Undersea fibre-optic cables help keep us online - but what happens when they break?

'Bad at almost everything': AI wearable panned by reviewers · Tuesday 16th April at 12:32
A new AI-fuelled gadget has fallen foul of the tech world's expectations.

My battle with Tesla: I want to clear my name before I die · Monday 15th April at 23:28
A former Tesla engineer is in a decade-long battle with the car company, owned by Elon Musk.

The challenge of upgrading iconic steel windows · Monday 15th April at 23:11
Critall windows date back to the 1880s but their steel construction makes them vulnerable to damp.

The challenge of upgrading iconic steel windows · Monday 15th April at 23:11
Critall windows date back to the 1880s but their steel construction makes them vulnerable to damp.

Tesla lays off more than 10% of its workforce · Monday 15th April at 21:50
Owner Elon Musk said it was a difficult decision to reduce Tesla's global headcount.

Robot dog trains to walk on Moon in Oregon trials · Friday 12th April at 20:35
US engineering team has a two-year, $2m grant to help Nasa study the Moon's surface.

Billionaire twins invest in ninth-tier football club · Friday 12th April at 20:05
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss will become co-owners of Real Bedford.

Government should counter misinformation on TikTok - MPs · Thursday 11th April at 23:08
A committee says the government should be more relatable in its communications with the public.

Baldur's Gate 3 wins big at Bafta Games Awards · Thursday 11th April at 21:21
Super Mario Bros Wonder won two, while Star Wars Jedi: Survivor missed out despite six nominations.

Regulator fears big tech firms' power in AI market · Thursday 11th April at 15:23
CMA points to "interconnected web" involving Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon.

Instagram trying nudity blurring to stop 'sextortion' · Thursday 11th April at 11:38
The platform will use AI-powered systems to detect nude images and identify sextortion accounts.

Elon Musk to visit India for meeting with PM Modi · Thursday 11th April at 05:30
The Tesla boss is expected to announce major investment plans in India as the firm faces slowing demand.

Tech Life: Space Junk · Tuesday 9th April at 19:32
We look at what space junk is and the risk it poses to tech we use everyday.

Boom times for US green energy as federal cash flows in · Monday 8th April at 23:03
The US government has directed unprecedented sums of money at green energy projects.

The rise of magnets – from surgery to outer space · Thursday 4th April at 23:09
Magnets are central to much modern technology and firms are racing to make them more efficient.

Tech Life: Predicting the future of tech · Tuesday 2nd April at 19:30
How will the internet, and other tech we use today, evolve in the future?

Tackling deepfakes 'has turned into an arms race' · Wednesday 27th March at 00:11
The battle against fake images, video and audio is becoming ever harder as the tech improves.

Tech Life: Charging electric bikes and scooters · Tuesday 26th March at 20:30
What can be done to make charging them safer?

Could AI take the grind out of accountancy? · Tuesday 26th March at 00:24
AI could mean fewer accountancy jobs but is also taking over some of the more mundane tasks.

Neuralink patient seen playing chess using brain implant · Thursday 21st March at 06:43
In a livestream on X, the patient explained that he was using a device in his brain to move the cursor.

India in undersea race to mine world’s battery metal · Thursday 21st March at 00:29
The country has applied for two new licences to explore the deep seabed in parts of the Indian Ocean.

'Journalists are feeding the AI hype machine' · Thursday 14th March at 00:24
AI reporters and experts discuss how well or otherwise the media covers the topic.

Watch: Musk and son visit Tesla plant after fire · Wednesday 13th March at 15:53
A far-left activist group took responsibility for the fire, which left the plant without power for nearly a week.

Tech Life · Tuesday 12th March at 20:30
We look at some of the reasons you choose your mobile phone handset

Once India's most valuable start-up, Byju's is now fighting to survive · Monday 11th March at 00:52
The ed-tech giant is teetering on the precipice after some investors voted to out its CEO last month.

BBC Verify: How to spot AI fakes in the US election · Tuesday 5th March at 20:59
The BBC's Marianna Spring explains the key to recognising AI-generated images circulating on social media.

Tech Life · Tuesday 5th March at 20:30
We visit two centres developing deep space communications and rocket launches.

'I'd heard the big, bad, scary conversation about AI' · Thursday 29th February at 00:02
The women enrolling on artificial intelligence training courses to boost their job prospects.

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