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US election 2020: Trump in three-state campaign blitz after casting vote · Sunday 25th October at 04:49
The US president's frenetic schedule saw him visiting three key states in one day after voting in Florida.

Samsung Group titan Lee Kun-hee dies aged 78 · Sunday 25th October at 04:30
Mr Lee helped to grow his father's small trading business into a global industrial powerhouse.

France recalls Turkey envoy after Erdogan says Macron needs 'mental check' · Sunday 25th October at 02:19
France recalls its ambassador after President Erdogan suggests French leader needs "mental check".

Climate change: Technology no silver bullet, experts tell PM · Sunday 25th October at 01:16
Boris Johnson's techno-optimism ignores the need for big societal changes, experts warn.

Dussehra: Covid-19 forces grand Hindu festival to go online · Sunday 25th October at 00:44
The pandemic has interrupted a centuries-old Indian tradition, the yearly performance of an ancient Hindu epic.

'Not just numbers': The women disappearing in Peru · Sunday 25th October at 00:17
Thousands of women go missing in Peru every year and many are never found.

British-bred Royal Enfield speeding ahead in Asia · Sunday 25th October at 00:13
One of the world's oldest motorbike brands is expanding in Asia, the biggest market for two-wheelers.

My search for novelist Rumer Godden's famed French summer · Sunday 25th October at 00:10
Hugh Schofield looks for the truth behind Rumer Godden's The Greengage Summer in northern France.

Mario Kart Live: Mixed-reality karts race around the home · Sunday 25th October at 00:04
Nintendo reveals a mixed-reality version of its top-selling game, but is it more than a gimmick?

Mario Kart Live: Mixed-reality karts race around the home · Sunday 25th October at 00:04
Nintendo reveals a mixed-reality version of its top-selling game, but is it more than a gimmick?

Socially-distanced Sesame Street calms children's Covid fears · Sunday 25th October at 00:02
The Middle East's version of Sesame street 'Ahlam Simsim' hopes Muppets will help calm children's fears about coronavirus.

Nigeria protests: Police chief deploys 'all resources' amid street violence · Saturday 24th October at 22:25
The shooting of unarmed protesters earlier this week sparked the worst street violence seen in two decades.

Cameroon: Children killed in attack on school in Kumba · Saturday 24th October at 20:13
Officials have blamed Anglophone secessionists for the attack on a private school in a restive region.

Venezuela opposition figure Leopoldo López leaves Spanish embassy · Saturday 24th October at 19:17
Leopoldo López, who took shelter in the Spanish embassy in Caracas, is going to Spain, his father says.

iPhone 12 launch causes NHS Covid-19 app confusion · Saturday 24th October at 19:08
Some owners of Apple's new phones get an error message when trying to run the contact-tracing app.

Trump comment on 'blowing up' Nile Dam angers Ethiopia · Saturday 24th October at 18:01
Its PM condemns "aggressions" after Donald Trump says Egypt might destroy a controversial Nile dam.

Afghan bombing: Kabul education centre attack kills at least 18 · Saturday 24th October at 17:19
The suicide attack outside the private facility in the Afghan capital has wounded dozens more.

Thai king in rare praise for pro-monarchists · Saturday 24th October at 17:10
The king praises a man who held up a royal portrait during a recent anti-government protest.

US election 2020: President Trump casts his vote · Saturday 24th October at 16:46
President Donald Trump votes early in the US election, while on a campaign visit in Florida.

Guinea elections: Alpha Condé wins third term amid violent protests · Saturday 24th October at 16:01
The opposition leader says he will contest the result giving Alpha Condé, 82, a third term.

Covid-19: Poland President Duda tests positive for virus · Saturday 24th October at 15:26
Andrzej Duda, 48, contracts coronavirus as his country hits a daily record of new cases.

ICYMI: The puppy born green and other curiosities · Saturday 24th October at 14:03
Our weekly video round-up, In Case You Missed It, brings you some of the stories that might have passed you by.

Paraguay finds seven bodies in container shipment from Serbia · Saturday 24th October at 13:48
Paraguay believes the seven "migrants" may have wanted to travel only from Serbia to Croatia.

Protests in Naples over possible lockdown · Saturday 24th October at 11:44
Protests broke out after the region's leader suggested that Campania should go into full lockdown.

Osiris-Rex: Nasa probe risks losing asteroid sample after door jams · Saturday 24th October at 10:55
The Osiris-Rex spacecraft collected so much rock from asteroid Bennu that bits are leaking out.

The man who taught Uber how to say sorry · Saturday 24th October at 09:57
Economist John List had a bad ride with Uber and never got an apology, so he showed them the best way to do it.

The man who taught Uber how to say sorry · Saturday 24th October at 09:57
Economist John List had a bad ride with Uber and never got an apology, so he showed them the best way to do it.

Why AI live fact-checked the 2020 US presidential debates · Saturday 24th October at 03:35
The software should be able to speed up the time in takes to separate truth from fiction.

Why AI live fact-checked the 2020 US presidential debates · Saturday 24th October at 03:35
The software should be able to speed up the time in takes to separate truth from fiction.

US election 2020: How will early voting impact the election? · Saturday 24th October at 01:57
A record number of people have already cast their votes - so how will this impact the election?

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: 'Execution' video prompts war crime probe · Saturday 24th October at 01:22
A video posted on social media appears to show the execution of two Armenian prisoners by troops from Azerbaijan.

The Indian doctor taking care of thousands of elephants · Saturday 24th October at 01:17
Kushal Kunwar Sharma is affectionately known as the "elephant doctor" in India's wildlife community.

Chile's choice: Out with the old, in with the new? · Saturday 24th October at 01:12
After a year of often violent protests, Chileans get to decide whether they want a new constitution.

United Nations at 75 plagued by new crises and cash crunch · Saturday 24th October at 01:07
Faced with wars, climate change and a pandemic, the United Nations is struggling to make an impact.

How the End Sars protests have changed Nigeria forever · Saturday 24th October at 00:51
The campaign against police brutality has encouraged young Nigerians to take on the older generation.

US election 2020: How Trump has changed the world · Saturday 24th October at 00:32
From fake news to how other countries see the US - here's a look at the president's global impact.

Covid blood plasma donation: What is blood plasma? · Saturday 24th October at 00:18
The NHS wants us to donate blood plasma to help fight Covid-19. But why?

Week in pictures: 17-23 October 2020 · Saturday 24th October at 00:05
A selection of striking images taken around the world this week.

US election 2020 polls: Who is ahead - Trump or Biden? · Friday 23rd October at 21:52
An in-depth look at the polls and what they can and can’t tell us about who will win the White House.

Rashford's free meal tweets made into Google map · Friday 23rd October at 17:51
A man has made a Google map showing businesses offering free food for children during half term.

French Covid app relaunches to bumpy start · Friday 23rd October at 12:57
The troubled French contact-tracing app has a new name, but suffers teething issues.

Covid-19 app users can't get isolation payment · Friday 23rd October at 12:10
An alert issued via the app will not mean the recipient can claim a payment for self-isolating.

Presidential debate 2020: Why Abraham Lincoln starred in the final clash · Friday 23rd October at 12:09
Trump's comparison of himself with the 16th president on race issues draws Biden's mockery.

Electric goods 'should have repairability rating' · Friday 23rd October at 11:52
The government is urged to label devices like phones, laptops and washing machines to cut waste.

Dangerous products: 'I heard a loud crackle and bang' · Friday 23rd October at 11:26
Worries over dangerous products sold via online marketplaces prompt a call for changes in the law.

Covid: 'Zoom boom' sees rise in cosmetic treatment calls · Friday 23rd October at 10:02
There has been a rise in enquiries since March for cosmetic work on the face and neck.

Presidential debate: Second Trump v Biden debate in pictures · Friday 23rd October at 08:03
Donald Trump and Joe Biden went head-to-head in the second and final US presidential debate.

Presidential debate 2020: Voters react to final Trump-Biden clash · Friday 23rd October at 06:58
Two Biden voters. Two Trump voters. Two undecided voters. Did the final debate change anyone's mind?

Kristen Welker: Presidential debate moderator was 'clear winner' on social media · Friday 23rd October at 06:54
The NBC correspondent is labelled "clear winner" for the way she led the final presidential debate.

Hunter Biden: What was he doing in Ukraine and China? · Friday 23rd October at 06:21
What is the background to the claims made by President Trump about Ukraine and the Bidens?

Presidential debate 2020: Trump and Biden final debate fact-checked · Friday 23rd October at 06:20
The final face off between Donald Trump and Joe Biden covered a wide range of issues

Presidential debate: Trump and Biden spar in final showdown · Friday 23rd October at 05:24
Their last time together on stage featured a much more subdued debate with real policy discussions.

Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube found recently hosting racist music · Friday 23rd October at 00:16
The BBC found racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic content on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Deezer.

Quest Sprout: 'The most wholesome thing on the internet' · Friday 23rd October at 00:15
Among the horrors of 2020, one small green hero has emerged to bring brief moments of joy.

The apps promising to improve your sex life · Friday 23rd October at 00:14
There are a growing number of apps that promise to help with sexual wellbeing, but are they effective?

Fabric responds to temperature changes and other news · Friday 23rd October at 00:03
BBC Click’s Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

The AI that spots Alzheimer's from cookie drawing · Thursday 22nd October at 23:24
The machine learning system analysed speech patterns to predict who would develop the disease

Stormzy takes starring role in Watch Dogs: Legion video game · Thursday 22nd October at 18:26
The grime star tells the BBC that video games can be a platform to speak out against injustice.

Huawei Mate 40 phones launch despite chip freeze · Thursday 22nd October at 18:02
Chinese firm says its new phones are powered by the world's fastest mobile processor.

Domestic abuse: ‘Tech allowed him to track my location’ · Wednesday 21st October at 09:13
Two survivors of domestic abuse explain how technology was used by an abusive partner against them.

Kamala Harris: What her experience tell us about US politics · Wednesday 21st October at 02:01
What Kamala Harris' experiences tell us about US politics.

The forklift truck drivers who never leave their desks · Tuesday 20th October at 00:05
Remote-controlled vehicles are becoming increasingly common in the workplace.

How AI farmed insects are helping to feed chickens · Monday 19th October at 10:06
Artificial intelligence is helping produce a new kind of feed for farmyard chickens.

Instagram filters: 'Our skin is for life, not for likes' · Monday 19th October at 06:22
Can the use of Instagram filters - which change the tone, colour and shape of your face - be a form of racial discrimination?

Instagram filters: 'You can't wear my skin for likes' · Monday 19th October at 00:08
Instagram filters are treating ethnicity and skin colour 'like an accessory".

US election 2020: What are Trump's and Biden's policies? · Sunday 18th October at 16:14
Some of President Trump's and Joe Biden's key policies explained and compared.

How smart devices are exploited for domestic abuse · Sunday 18th October at 00:30
Two women explain how their partners turned internet-connected gadgets into a means of control.

US election 2020: Has Trump delivered on his promises? · Thursday 15th October at 23:02
Donald Trump made voters a number of promises before they elected him. But has he kept his word?

Apple iPhone 12: The chip advance set to make smartphones smarter · Tuesday 13th October at 00:21
A chip-making process pioneered in the Netherlands will let smartphones take the next leap forward.

US Election 2020: Can you trust the polls? · Friday 2nd October at 00:08
Did US election polling get it wrong in 2016? Reality Check considers whether polls can predict who'll be the next US president.

Predict the president 2020: Will Trump or Biden win the US election? You decide · Friday 25th September at 17:35
Play our game to predict whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will win the key states in the election.

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