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Hong Kong protests: Fire extinguishers and soap used in stand-off · Thursday 22nd August at 07:49
A sit-in at Yuen Long train station ended with a stand-off between police and some protesters.

Huge beehive discovered inside ceiling · Thursday 22nd August at 07:43
Around 60,000 bees were removed from a woman's house in Brisbane, Australia.

Evidence suggests microplastics in water pose ‘minimal health risk’ · Thursday 22nd August at 07:01
The World Health Organization says its findings are based on the "limited information" available.

US moves to abolish child migrant custody limits · Thursday 22nd August at 06:39
Migrant families crossing the southern border of the US illegally could now be detained indefinitely.

Larry Swearingen: Texas executes man for student's 1998 murder · Thursday 22nd August at 06:08
Larry Swearingen had maintained his innocence, saying scientific evidence should have exonerated him.

Pompeo praises ‘US ally’ Denmark after Trump cancels visit · Thursday 22nd August at 04:21
The US secretary of state speaks with Denmark's foreign minister amid a public row over Greenland.

Why India wants to break its decades-old nuclear pledge · Thursday 22nd August at 04:03
India's re-evaluation of its "no first use" nuclear pledge has implications for peace in South Asia.

Somaliland's poets and singers fight to be heard · Thursday 22nd August at 01:30
Artists in the self-declared republic of Somaliland are challenging state repression and conservative Muslim clerics.

Hong Kong protests: What do young people want? · Thursday 22nd August at 01:26
Young protesters in Hong Kong have been speaking about what they want from the government.

Sudan transition: Abdalla Hamdok appointed new prime minister · Thursday 22nd August at 00:55
It's the latest move designed to bring about civilian rule and end months of political strife.

What is 'blobology' and how is it transforming biology? · Thursday 22nd August at 00:24
Spectacular images from a new microscope spark a "revolution" in biology

Khachaturyan sisters who killed father touch Russian hearts · Thursday 22nd August at 00:16
The case of the teenage Khachaturyan sisters stirs Russian anger over domestic abuse.

Ugandan war survivors partnered with therapy dogs · Thursday 22nd August at 00:01
A scheme in Uganda partner dogs with war survivors to help them overcome trauma.

How Australia is shaking up the truffle market · Thursday 22nd August at 00:01
Australia maybe a newcomer in growing black truffles but is now the world's fourth-largest producer.

Contactless cards could get fingerprint upgrade · Thursday 22nd August at 00:00
The technology could give a further layer of security when paying with your card in shops.

Myanmar Muslims: 'We're citizens too' · Thursday 22nd August at 00:00
Since the Rohingya crisis erupted in 2012, some Muslims in Myanmar say they face more discrimination.

Florida panthers are struggling to walk and no one knows why · Wednesday 21st August at 23:16
A mysterious brain condition could mean the animals in the US state of Florida can't walk properly

Amazon fires: President Jair Bolsonaro suggests NGOs to blame · Wednesday 21st August at 22:32
Jair Bolsonaro says NGOs may be setting fires in the Amazon to embarrass the government after they cut funding, despite offering no evidence.

President Trump: 'I am the chosen one' · Wednesday 21st August at 22:21
Discussing the China trade war, President Trump looks up to the sky and strikes a man-of-destiny tone.

Three ways Trump could juice US economy · Wednesday 21st August at 22:09
Amid concerns of an economic recession, the White House has considered several emergency measures.

Robot battles wrongly banned for 'animal cruelty' · Wednesday 21st August at 19:51
YouTube restores some videos of robots fighting after wrongly removing hundreds.

P Chidambaram: India's former finance minister arrested · Wednesday 21st August at 19:48
The senior opposition leader has been arrested on charges of corruption and money laundering.

Iraq paramilitary force blames US and Israel for mystery blasts · Wednesday 21st August at 19:24
The Iran-backed Popular Mobilisation says the US brought Israeli drones into Iraq to hit its bases.

Dancing with the Stars row over Trump ex-spokesman · Wednesday 21st August at 18:58
As Trump's ex-press secretary joins the cast, host Tom Bergeron said he wanted a politics-free show.

The Matrix: How have other 'fourth' films fared? · Wednesday 21st August at 17:18
The sci-fi filmmakers stand on the shoulders of Toy Story, Indiana Jones and more in doing the quadruple.

‘Parkour is a way of facing your fears’ · Wednesday 21st August at 16:18
For “free runner” Raven Cruz, parkour is about overcoming obstacles, pushing your body and your mind to overcome them.

Man accused of upskirting over 550 women in Madrid · Wednesday 21st August at 16:18
The suspect allegedly uploaded the videos to pornographic websites, getting millions of views.

Venezuela crisis: President Maduro says he had secret talks with US · Wednesday 21st August at 16:10
President Maduro says he has been talking to the US – something that senior officials there deny.

Google and Mozilla move to stop Kazakhstan 'snooping' · Wednesday 21st August at 14:09
The browsers will prevent government-issued certificates from decrypting net traffic.

Google and Mozilla move to stop Kazakhstan 'snooping' · Wednesday 21st August at 14:09
The browsers will prevent government-issued certificates from decrypting net traffic.

England Cricketer stumped by Fortnite conundrum · Wednesday 21st August at 14:06
England bowler Jofra Archer calls for help on Twitter ahead of Ashes third Test against Australia - so he can play Fortnite.

Australia using drones to spot crocodiles near swimmers · Wednesday 21st August at 14:02
Little Ripper Group has provided AI technology that detects crocodiles in aerial footage.

Sub dive reveals Titanic wreck is deteriorating · Wednesday 21st August at 14:00
For the first time in 15 years divers have explored the Titanic wreck and say it is deteriorating.

Single-use plastics banned in Nepal's Everest region · Wednesday 21st August at 13:51
Authorities recently cleared 11 tonnes of rubbish from the world's highest mountain.

Fidel Castro's crocodile bites man at Swedish aquarium · Wednesday 21st August at 13:28
The man, in his 70s, had been delivering a speech when he was bitten by the animal.

Biostar 2: Suprema plays down fingerprint leak reports · Wednesday 21st August at 13:25
Suprema says a probe found the scope of a fingerprint data leak was "significantly" less than reported.

Tesla sued by Walmart over solar panel fires · Wednesday 21st August at 12:18
The supermarket chain alleges that Tesla was negligent in the way the solar panels were installed.

Iran tanker row: Greece closes out ship after US warnings · Wednesday 21st August at 10:53
A Greek minister says the country is "not willing to facilitate the course of this ship to Syria".

Texas school district sued for colouring in teen's hair · Wednesday 21st August at 09:38
The teen's parents are suing a Texas school district for using a black Sharpie to colour his scalp.

The DMZ 'gardening job' that almost sparked a war · Wednesday 21st August at 01:44
In 1976, North Koreans killed two US officers in the DMZ over a tree, sparking a huge military gardening operation.

Millions of old gadgets 'stockpiled in drawers' · Wednesday 21st August at 01:15
Public urged to "recycle their tech" as rare, valuable materials in millions of old devices languish in UK homes.

The Cold War spy technology which we all use · Wednesday 21st August at 00:21
Radio-frequency identification, famously used to bug the US embassy in Moscow, is a cheap way to track objects and data.

#BulletJournal: Seven million beautiful ways to save money · Wednesday 21st August at 00:17
#BulletJournal: The new trend that is helping people to save money.

Barclays tops list of banks with most IT shutdowns · Wednesday 21st August at 00:10
British banks experienced more than 10 outages a month in the past year, BBC analysis of new data reveals.

Ready to upgrade? What to do about your old phone · Wednesday 21st August at 00:01
Unwanted devices can contain elements that the world is running out of - so how can you help?

Russian couple filmed at protest may lose children · Wednesday 21st August at 00:01
Dmitry and Olga Prokazov also face a criminal case after footage featuring their baby was posted online.

'I bought a house thanks to my bullet journal' · Wednesday 21st August at 00:00
Millions of people have shared #bulletjournal or #bujo hashtags on Instagram, so how do they work?

The mystery photos of a 1957 gay wedding · Tuesday 20th August at 22:20
Who are the two grooms in these wedding photos? Filmmakers are trying to find out, 60 years later.

Google sign language AI turns hand gestures into speech · Tuesday 20th August at 18:36
The tech giant is sharing its hand-tracking software to allow others to develop translation apps.

Racist abuse: footballers should boycott social media, says Phil Neville · Tuesday 20th August at 18:16
England women's manager Phil Neville said footballers should "boycott" social media to send a "powerful message" that abuse is not acceptable.

The people policing the internet's most horrific content · Tuesday 20th August at 00:16
Website content moderators have to see some very disturbing material. How do they cope?

The International 2019: What does it take to become a gaming millionaire? · Tuesday 20th August at 00:14
Gaming is a near billion-dollar industry, but what kind of pressures do young e-sports stars face?

Twitter 'adopts' a Berkshire grandad following viral video · Tuesday 20th August at 00:01
82-year-old Keith melted millions of hearts when a video of him painting his granddaughter's nails went viral.

Where Christians are banned from selling property to Muslims · Tuesday 20th August at 00:01
A Lebanese town is banning Christians from buying and renting property to Muslims.

E-Scooters: Should they be legal on public roads? · Monday 19th August at 08:50
Some riders are calling for regulation rather than an outright ban.

The Fortnite coach who helped create teenage millionaires · Saturday 17th August at 02:28
Hugh Gilmour failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup, so has turned to coaching instead.

Robotic Buddhist priest joins temple and other news · Friday 16th August at 10:04
BBC Click’s LJ Rich looks at some of the week’s best technology stories.

'How I lost £25,000 when my cryptocurrency was stolen' · Friday 16th August at 00:14
Investing in digital currencies is fraught with danger, not just because the prices are so volatile.

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