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Mueller report: Democrats keep pressure on Trump over Russia · Friday 19th April at 09:27
The long-awaited report clears President Trump of collusion but his opponents keep the heat up.

Canada avalanche: Three elite climbers believed killed in Rockies · Friday 19th April at 09:15
The three, from the US and Europe, are believed to have died scaling a mountain in the Rockies.

National Enquirer sold to US magazine distributor · Friday 19th April at 07:13
The tabloid has been embroiled in recent high-profile scandals involving Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos.

China bans three marathon cheat runners for life · Friday 19th April at 06:16
The country does not want to give itself a bad name in a sport which is rapidly gaining popularity.

India voter 'chops off finger' after voting for wrong party · Friday 19th April at 05:49
The Indian man says he cut off his finger after voting for the "wrong" party by mistake.

Robot dogs pull truck and other tech news · Friday 19th April at 05:20
BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

Mali violence: PM and entire government resigns · Friday 19th April at 05:02
The government has been under pressure after a massacre of herders in the centre of the country.

Homeless Australian man reunited with lost rat pet by police · Friday 19th April at 04:57
Lucy the rat went missing in downtown Sydney, sparking a social media search and emotional reunion.

Australia dingo attack: Father saves toddler from wild dog · Friday 19th April at 03:35
The boy had been sleeping inside a campervan when a dingo came and dragged him away.

Why India sees sex on false promise of marriage as rape · Friday 19th April at 01:08
India's top court has ruled that consensual sex can be rape if a man breaches his promise to marry.

'How the Columbine school shooting changed my life' · Friday 19th April at 01:08
Twenty years on from the school shooting that shocked the US, those who survived are still deeply impacted.

India election 2019: The debunked fake news that keeps coming back · Friday 19th April at 01:05
Reality Check looks at misinformation that continues to be shared even when it's wrong.

Male synchronised swimmer fighting for gender equality · Friday 19th April at 01:04
Could we see mixed synchronised swimming at the Olympics? Russian Aleksandr Maltsev is fighting for gender equality in the sport.

Jung lovers: BTS delve into psychology on their album, Map Of The Soul · Friday 19th April at 01:03
The Swiss psychologist's theories of ego, persona and the psyche underpin the band's latest lyrics.

Ukraine election: What a TV box set may tell us about the future · Friday 19th April at 01:01
The likely winner of Sunday's presidential election once played the Ukrainian president in a TV show.

Quiz of the Week: But what do visitors see outside Notre-Dame? · Friday 19th April at 00:58
Have you been paying attention to what's been going on over the past seven days?

The Mueller report - in 60 seconds · Thursday 18th April at 23:08
Don't have time to read 448 pages? We challenged the BBC's Jane O'Brien to summarise it for you.

Mueller report: Eight things we only just learned · Thursday 18th April at 22:17
The inquiry paints a picture of the president's conduct that is both suspicious and exculpatory.

Libya crisis: PM Fayez al-Serraj condemns ‘silence’ of allies · Thursday 18th April at 22:00
Fayez al-Serraj, whose troops face an insurgency, feels "abandoned" by his international allies.

Sudan stand-off after Omar al-Bashir ousted · Thursday 18th April at 19:08
Sudanese protest groups require unity to secure civilian rule, the BBC's Alastair Leithead says.

Nigeria's top judge Walter Onnoghen to forfeit bank accounts · Thursday 18th April at 17:38
Walter Onnoghen is convicted of not declaring his assets and is banned from public office for 10 years.

Robot news presenter causes a stir on Russian TV · Thursday 18th April at 17:32
The humanoid, named Alex, causes a stir as he makes his debut on state news channel Rossiya 24.

Robot news presenter causes a stir on Russian TV · Thursday 18th April at 17:32
The humanoid, named Alex, causes a stir as he makes his debut on state news channel Rossiya 24.

Bangka Island: The WW2 massacre and a 'truth too awful to speak' · Thursday 18th April at 17:03
Twenty-one Australian nurses died at Bangka Island, but a historian says there's more to the story.

Notre-Dame fire: Temporary wooden cathedral proposed · Thursday 18th April at 15:41
A wooden structure could be built outside the front of the fire-ravaged cathedral in Paris.

Michel Houellebecq: Controversial writer wins Légion d'honneur · Thursday 18th April at 14:59
President Emmanuel Macron presents the controversial writer with the Légion d'honneur.

Elon Musk swaps shots with Museum of English Rural Life · Thursday 18th April at 12:45
The Museum of English Rural Life now appears as Elon Musk on Twitter after he used their sheep picture.

Facebook bans UK far right groups and leaders · Thursday 18th April at 12:00
A dozen named groups and individuals will be purged from the social network, it said.

Hellboy film in Russia replaces Stalin with Hitler · Thursday 18th April at 11:40
A reference to the Soviet dictator in a line of dialogue was changed to Adolf Hitler.

'Giant lion' fossil found in Kenya museum drawer · Thursday 18th April at 10:42
The bones of the huge creature belong to a new species which roamed east Africa 20 million years ago.

World's Best Teacher Peter Tabichi on how he reached the top · Thursday 18th April at 09:39
Peter Tabichi from Kenya, who was named World's Best Teacher, shares what makes him stand out and what he hopes for teachers in Africa.

Facebook copied email contacts of 1.5 million users · Thursday 18th April at 09:13
The social network was grabbing email contacts of some new users for almost three years, it says.

Samsung's folding phone breaks for reviewers · Thursday 18th April at 05:38
Several outlets reviewing Samsung's ground-breaking new folding smartphone have reported major problems with its screen.

How new tech might help rebuild · Thursday 18th April at 05:35
Using modern technology to preserve a medieval building is nothing new in France.

Notre-Dame fire: Why the cathedral's beauty wins hearts around the world · Thursday 18th April at 01:54
The cathedral has come to symbolise the heart of France since it was built 850 years ago.

Once destroyed by the Taliban, the Buddha statues live again · Thursday 18th April at 00:18
A team of conservators are working to breathe new life into a collection of Buddha statues destroyed by the Taliban

TED 2019: The online campaign that ended a beard ban · Wednesday 17th April at 23:59
The woman aiming to build "a labour movement for the 21st Century" shares her plan at TED.

Windrush scandal: Trauma continues one year on · Wednesday 17th April at 18:34
Paulette was threatened with deportation to Jamaica despite living in the UK for 50 years.

Notre-Dame fire: Assassin's Creed's maker pledges aid · Wednesday 17th April at 18:06
Ubisoft is to donate money and offer use of its digital reconstruction of the cathedral.

'Why I write fake online reviews' · Wednesday 17th April at 16:09
Two people explain why they post made-up reviews, while psychologists deconstruct the power of the review.

TED 2019: Prize to online classes project causes controversy · Wednesday 17th April at 16:01
Plans to give millions of dollars to a program for online learning for pre-schoolers has been criticised.

Xbox One with no discs: 'The way forward' or 'bad timing'? · Wednesday 17th April at 15:06
Gamers give their verdict as Microsoft announces an "all-digital edition" of the console.

Government in email privacy blunder · Wednesday 17th April at 14:54
A department responsible for data protection shares the personal details of hundreds of journalists.

Netflix to trial showing top 10 lists to UK users · Wednesday 17th April at 14:32
Streaming company Netflix is to trial showing UK users its most-watched shows over a weekly period.

Star Wars: Mark Hamill supports superfan's emotional video · Wednesday 17th April at 13:31
Mark Hamill supports a YouTuber who faced a backlash for his tearful reaction to the new Star Wars trailer.

Google to police new app developers more closely · Wednesday 17th April at 12:34
Apps from unfamiliar developers will be scrutinised more deeply before they go on the Play Store.

UK to introduce porn age-checks in July · Wednesday 17th April at 12:34
Sites that fail to comply will face being blocked by internet service providers.

Axiom soccer indie game takes a shot at goal · Wednesday 17th April at 08:24
Marc Cieslak reviews the game Axiom Soccer - a mashup between football and a third person shooter.

Apple and Qualcomm settle billion-dollar lawsuit · Wednesday 17th April at 08:18
The surprise settlement brings a long-running legal battle between the two tech firms to an end.

TikTok: Apple and Google block video sharing app in India · Wednesday 17th April at 08:09
The move comes after a court called for a ban on the video app over concerns it put children at risk.

Technology to keep dementia patients out of hospital · Wednesday 17th April at 01:09
Radar technology and tiny brain-monitors are just some of the devices being tested by a new research centre.

The grief over lost buildings · Wednesday 17th April at 00:46
People around the world share emotional stories about seeing important cultural sights destroyed.

The robot that tidies up bedrooms · Wednesday 17th April at 00:10
Robots are good at repetitive tasks but struggle with new objects. Can they be trained to overcome that?

What do drones and GPS owe to a 1744 shipwreck? · Wednesday 17th April at 00:08
When HMS Victory sank, she took with her an early prototype of the gyroscope, crucial to modern technology.

TED 2019: The $50 lab burger transforming food · Wednesday 17th April at 00:07
TED fellow Bruce Friedrich tells the TED conference about his vision for the future of food.

Vodafone 'gigafast' ad banned after Virgin Media complaint · Wednesday 17th April at 00:05
The promotion described broadband packages as being "gigafast" that did not offer 1Gbps speeds.

'Assange smeared faeces in Ecuador embassy,' says president · Wednesday 17th April at 00:02
Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno tells the BBC why his government revoked Julian Assange's asylum.

TED 2019: Twitter boss offers to demote likes and follows · Tuesday 16th April at 18:58
Jack Dorsey has been talking at TED about the changes the platform is considering.

PlayStation 5: Sony reveals first details of next-gen console · Tuesday 16th April at 17:37
Sony's next-gen console, which will replace the PS4, will be much faster and include improved audio.

Chinese school's car project prompts class bias debate · Tuesday 16th April at 16:54
A Chinese school's family cars exhibition has triggered a fierce debate online about class discrimination in the education system.

The story of the fire in graphics · Tuesday 16th April at 16:09
How the Notre-Dame fire spread and the damage it caused, shown in graphics and images.

Game of Thrones: Now TV glitch hits Apple TV owners · Tuesday 16th April at 13:19
Sky's Now TV app failed to load for some viewers while displaying a degraded version of the show.

Epilepsy charity calls for social media seizure warnings · Tuesday 16th April at 09:48
People with epilepsy are being exposed to flashing images, some deliberately, says a charity.

Facebook challenged to give TED talk on political ads · Tuesday 16th April at 09:41
Journalist Carole Cadwalladr challenges Mark Zuckerberg to address TED about "election fraud".

How can you stop your kids viewing harmful web content? · Tuesday 16th April at 00:06
Is content filtering tech the answer or is education and discussion the key to keeping kids safe?

Amazon 'flooded by fake five-star reviews' - Which? report · Tuesday 16th April at 00:02
Top-rated reviews on popular items are dominated by unknown brands, consumer group Which? finds.

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Fold · Monday 15th April at 22:07
The BBC's Chris Fox tries Samsung's folding smartphone to find out what it can do.

Swedish Social Democrats' Twitter account hacked · Monday 15th April at 15:54
Messages posted on the hijacked account included anti-immigration rhetoric.

Lyft removes faulty bikes from three US cities · Monday 15th April at 14:23
Riders report that brakes were being jammed on sharply on some motor-assisted bike journeys, said Lyft.

Article 13: UK helps push through new EU copyright rules · Monday 15th April at 14:20
The UK supports a final vote in favour of new online copyright rules, but some EU nations objected.

Apple and Qualcomm square off in US court · Monday 15th April at 12:24
The row is about how much phone makers should pay for the chips essential to modern smartphones.

Russian priest posted to remote village over wife's 'sin' · Monday 15th April at 11:46
A Russian Orthodox priest has been posted to a remote village as punishment for his wife's participation in a beauty pageant.

Under-18s face 'like' and 'streaks' limits on social media · Monday 15th April at 10:35
The UK's data watchdog proposes restrictions on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat among others.

TED 2019: 10 years of 'ideas worth spreading' · Monday 15th April at 09:25
TED talks have become synonymous with cutting-edge ideas and are watched by millions.

How social media is changing comedy · Monday 15th April at 00:59
Social media changed many aspects of modern life, but how has it impacted traditional stand-up comedy?

Gatwick drone attack possible inside job, say police · Sunday 14th April at 18:00
The drone operator was monitoring activities at the airport during the attack, officials believe.

Plane with the largest wingspan in the world takes flight · Sunday 14th April at 00:42
Its wingspan measures 117m - the length of an American football field.

The robot supermarket shelf scanner and other news · Friday 12th April at 10:37
BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

Singapore airport: Tallest indoor waterfall opens · Friday 12th April at 09:26
Thousands are flocking to Singapore's Changi Airport to see the world's tallest indoor waterfall.

How does it feel to be watched at work all the time? · Friday 12th April at 00:10
Many more firms are monitoring and analysing employee communications and behaviour. Does it work?

Colourful bin bags help robots sort trash · Friday 12th April at 00:08
A city with impressive recycling credentials has a unique waste system involving seven coloured bags.

Can Nintendo make virtual reality gaming a success? · Thursday 11th April at 13:00
Newsbeat plays with the Nintendo Labo VR kit and meets one of the brains behind it.

The robot that sorts out recycling · Thursday 11th April at 09:47
The RoCycle system uses pressure sensors to detect an item's size and composition.

The tech that could help clean polluted air · Wednesday 10th April at 09:21
A new system at London Marylebone station is helping to remove harmful gases from the environment.

The Pokemon card artist 'taking the border off the artwork' · Sunday 7th April at 01:06
Pictures of classic Pokemon cards turned into unique artworks which sell for hundreds of dollars.

Box lifting warehouse robots unveiled · Friday 5th April at 10:00
BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

Robot arm can feed people with mobility issues · Thursday 4th April at 09:09
The device is able to identify food and works out the best way of feeding it to the person.

Ready Player One: How we made the film's visual effects · Tuesday 26th March at 08:24
Industrial Light and Magic explain the challenges involved in making the film.

The basketball coverage directed and filmed by AI · Thursday 14th February at 08:37
The British Basketball League is testing a new way of filming games that picks the action using AI.

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