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Keystone XL: Why I fought for - or against - the pipeline · Wednesday 27th January at 00:18
President Biden has cancelled the permit for the controversial US-Canada project.

The child environmentalist receiving death threats in Colombia · Wednesday 27th January at 00:13
Francisco Vera, 11, was threatened after calling for better access to education during the pandemic.

When your 'pandemic puppy' doesn't work out · Wednesday 27th January at 00:12
Lockdown seemed like the perfect time to get a dog, but for some, the excitement turned into regret.

How women played a major role in Yemen's Arab Spring · Wednesday 27th January at 00:08
Yemeni lawyer Ishraq al-Maqtari shares her memories of being one of the first women to take to the streets in Taiz city, which later became known as the 'cradle of the revolution'.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2021: 'It's sad when I sit there alone' · Wednesday 27th January at 00:02
Already a difficult day, honouring those killed by the Nazis will be different this year, as the pandemic prevents survivors and their families being together.

Iraq killings: Who's behind a series of murders? · Wednesday 27th January at 00:01
BBC News Arabic investigates a series of killings and the power of Shia militia groups in Iraq.

Biden raises election meddling with Putin in first phone call · Tuesday 26th January at 23:40
The Russian leader says his first call with the new US president was "business-like and frank".

Coronavirus: AstraZeneca defends EU vaccine rollout plan · Tuesday 26th January at 23:24
The pharmaceutical giant said the late signing of contracts limited time to sort out supply glitches.

California’s Governor Newsom eases Covid restrictions - why now? · Tuesday 26th January at 22:59
The governor has lifted the state’s stay-at-home order as test positivity rates have steadily fallen.

Coronavirus: Germany rejects 'mixed up' reports on AstraZeneca jab · Tuesday 26th January at 21:26
AstraZeneca has also dismissed German media reports, saying its vaccine is effective at all ages.

Dutch riots: 'It's scum doing this' · Tuesday 26th January at 19:50
Three nights of rioting will not halt night curfews aimed at stopping coronavirus, say Dutch ministers.

India farmers' protest: Delhi security stepped up after violent clashes · Tuesday 26th January at 19:32
Striking farmers stormed the city's Red Fort and battled police as a demonstration turned violent.

Capitol riot: Police chief apologises for pro-Trump riot · Tuesday 26th January at 18:43
Chief Yogananda Pittman told lawmakers the force didn't do enough to prepare for a "terrorist attack".

Covid vaccines: Outrage after casino boss jumps queue for jabs · Tuesday 26th January at 17:32
Rod Baker and his wife travelled to a remote region and posed as local workers to get the jab.

Nigeria's President Buhari fires armed forces chiefs · Tuesday 26th January at 17:29
No reason was given but the country continues to grapple with insecurity and an Islamist insurgency.

Italian PM Conte resigns in split over Covid response · Tuesday 26th January at 15:43
Mr Conte hopes to form a new and stronger government after losing a Senate majority last week.

Co-op and Morrisons see queues over payments outage · Tuesday 26th January at 14:32
Supermarkets say card payment problems that led to long queues are resolved, but cause still unknown

Tennis star makes chain reaction run in quarantine · Tuesday 26th January at 13:44
Edouard Roger-Vasselin gets creative while stuck in his hotel ahead of the Australian Open.

Beware fake Covid vaccination invites, NHS warns · Tuesday 26th January at 13:17
The NHS says any invitation which asks for vaccine payment or bank account details is a scam.

Covid-19: Why are Palestinians not getting vaccines? · Tuesday 26th January at 13:15
Israel is leading the world in rolling out vaccines, but the Palestinian territories are way behind.

Dozens of smuggled chameleons found in suitcase in Austria · Tuesday 26th January at 12:43
The animals are being nursed back to health at a zoo after Austrian airport security spotted them.

Grindr faces £8.5m fine for selling user data · Tuesday 26th January at 12:28
The information could lead to users being targeted for their sexuality, say officials in Norway.

Covid vaccines - how will poor countries get them? · Tuesday 26th January at 11:41
A scheme to distribute Covid-19 vaccines is under way. Here's what you need to know.

Harriet Tubman: Biden moves to put anti-slavery activist on $20 bill · Tuesday 26th January at 11:33
A plan to put the anti-slavery activist on the banknote was delayed under ex-President Donald Trump.

Tractor rally: Farmers clash with police at Delhi's iconic Red Fort · Tuesday 26th January at 10:43
Tens of thousands of protesting farmers drove their tractors to Delhi on Tuesday.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: The Trump defender enters political race · Tuesday 26th January at 03:42
Known to millions around the world for her staunch defence of Trump, now it's her turn to speak for herself.

Coronavirus in Zimbabwe: 'We need vaccines now' · Tuesday 26th January at 01:45
Zimbabwean doctor Dixon Chibanda explains why it's so vital that Zimbabwe gets vaccines urgently.

Twitter pilot to let users flag 'false' content · Tuesday 26th January at 01:45
The company acknowledges its "Birdwatch" idea could be "messy", but says it is worth trying.

Five days that shaped the coronavirus outbreak · Tuesday 26th January at 01:16
Before Wuhan was locked down in January 2020 officials said the outbreak was under control - but the virus had spread inside and outside the city.

Shyamala Gopalan: The woman who inspired Kamala Harris · Tuesday 26th January at 01:01
The tale of her rise is rooted in an audacious journey Shyamala Gopalan made more than 60 years ago.

Facebook News feature launches in UK · Tuesday 26th January at 00:30
The UK is the second market - after the US - to get Facebook's latest news feature.

Trump impeachment: When will he go on trial in the Senate? · Tuesday 26th January at 00:24
The former US president was impeached, accused of inciting a mob. Here's a guide to the next steps.

Covid: The dressmaker helping Australia with modified masks · Tuesday 26th January at 00:22
When Manmeet Kaur began giving away masks, she realised many people would relish a different design.

Hope and fear as Somalia’s civil war turns 30 · Tuesday 26th January at 00:21
The BBC's Andrew Harding has returned to Mogadishu to see what hopes people have for peace.

Covid vaccines: Why some countries will have to wait until 2022 · Tuesday 26th January at 00:21
How are Covid-19 vaccines being distributed across the world? As some countries start vaccinating their populations, others are being left behind.

Like a good deal? Maybe a hagglebot can help · Tuesday 26th January at 00:09
Artificial intelligence is getting better at negotiating and research promises systems that could help you.

East Coast Main Line: Tunnel painstakingly pushed underground · Monday 25th January at 17:35
Heavier than the Eiffel Tower, the tunnel was moved at 150cm per hour over nine days.

Covid: Facebook suspends Israel PM Netanyahu's chatbot · Monday 25th January at 17:07
The bot asked about people's Covid vaccination status, breaching a policy on private medical data.

Sky ramps up film and TV plans to compete with streaming giants · Monday 25th January at 17:06
The company plans to release a new film every week by 2022 with more investment in original content.

Credit and cyber-fraud at 'epidemic' levels in UK · Monday 25th January at 15:29
From credit card fraud to benefit fraud, the problem costs the UK up to £190bn a year, a report says.

Channel 4 Deepfake Queen complaints dropped by Ofcom · Monday 25th January at 14:43
The media regulator decided not to pursue complaints about decency over the channel's satire.

Satellites beat balloons in race for flying internet · Monday 25th January at 13:00
Google's Loon bows out - but thousands of satellites are taking to the skies to beam down the internet.

Zuckerberg's Biden problem · Monday 25th January at 00:08
President Biden's open dislike of Facebook could spell problems for the social network.

Why your face could be set to replace your bank card · Sunday 24th January at 23:59
Already widely used in China, facial recognition payment is now expanding in other countries.

The great graphics card shortage of 2020 (and 2021) · Sunday 24th January at 00:23
Gamers have been facing inflated prices for months - and it's set to stretch into 2021.

Could Google really leave Australia? · Friday 22nd January at 15:04
After threatening to cut off Australia, could Google survive without it?

How Covid turbocharged the QR revolution · Friday 22nd January at 01:09
As a cheap and reliable way to store information, the humble QR code is finding new uses.

Joe believes playing video games helps his mental health · Thursday 21st January at 00:15
Many argue the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to gaming and mental health

CES 2021: Smart sport kit put to the test · Tuesday 19th January at 13:31
Can a virtual reality cricket bat and bluetooth-connected baseball improve your form?

How to investigate a firm with 60 million documents · Tuesday 19th January at 00:10
Artificial intelligence helped investigators in a daunting examination of Airbus's business.

Racism in education: How 'truth pages' helped students fight back · Monday 18th January at 00:04
'Truth pages', where students share their experiences of racism, have been on appearing on social media since the killing of George Floyd.

Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein: Inside the world's richest e-sports player's mansion · Friday 15th January at 00:03
Johan "N0tail" Sundstein has earned more than $7.4m (£5.4m) in prize money to date.

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